2012 Olympic Sailing

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24 Responses to “2012 Olympic Sailing”

  1. “Lovely Finnish lady…wouldn’t mind FINISHING off with her!”

  2. Irish, well from southern Ireland anyway is one of the most beautiful accents. It’s lilting, musical and generally nice.

  3. Archery.

    Handball shouldn’t even be classed as a sport. 

  4. He’s the Viper from Hardy Bucks watch?v=BuOI0YQH-bQ&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLCF8013CD13C3A19F

  5. No you didn’t. But name me a sport in the Olympics that is more deserving than handball? There is boxing and wrestling, those are the only sports I would take over handball. The rest is just running, swimming and throwing things as far as you can?

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  7. Where can I find more?

  8. I’m curious why an Aussie cares about Obama.

  9. really? your just going around on random videos and blaming obama for shit he did not do. just fuck off

  10. why can’t american commentators be this fun. Thanks Obama

  11. Almost got twatted! LOL!

  12. True… but it would be epic if it was and I think they should have channels for this stuff.

  13. Whoever believes this was actually on TV is a retarded person.

  14. If people are wondering the commentator is “The viper” from “The hardy bucks”

  15. “Some former British colony, don’t know where exactly but they look annoying”

  16. I swear! Love this….so funny!

  17. Erm did I say football was badass? Did I say football belonged in the olympics? Not really sure where that attack came from.

  18. Handball? Are you fuckin retarded? Handball is way more badass than football you little gimp! Not a bunch of pussies rolling around on the floor fishing for fouls!

  19. dubbed

  20. This guy should comment soccer games

  21. why is this a sport?

  22. I do like the Olympics but I think the numbers of sports should be cut down. I mean seriously sailing, handball and other crap like that? Time to trim a lot of stuff out.

  23. Irish is one of those horrible accents, like Scottish. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me.

  24. dude hire this man to cast every sport ever.