2013 America’s Cup – Speed Sailing

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5 Responses to “2013 America’s Cup – Speed Sailing”

  1. Alright, hydrofoils in the America’s Cup was fun to try once . . . but never again.

  2. nothing like taking your 20’s off and living on a sailboat

  3. most people in here won’t have a chance to do that forever haehaha fucking unfair world. it is better to give a chance to other poor people who feel unhappy things except middle class or upper class people. it is better to make other people happy than being happy too much even if it is enough.

    We must find the way how to be happy and how to enjoy a good life. i am not saying we must kill them. we must be smart as possible. we need a place to find the way… it is enough to see their lives…

  4. They need to cap the expenditure. Success in sports has become too heavily weighted toward extremely expensive technology, rather than sheer athleticism.

  5. What’s the name of the background music?