9 most useful Sailing/Boating Knots (Revised – better angle)

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7 Responses to “9 most useful Sailing/Boating Knots (Revised – better angle)”

  1. I love that you show the finished knot first, deconstruct it, then make clear which is the bight.  Nicely done.

  2. Great tutorial! Thank you.

  3. is there a knot that if u pull the rope on the first side that the other side will tighten but still can hold a lot of weight

  4. An excellent instructional video! But, you didn’t include a “Cleat Hitch”, -a very important “knot” in any kind of boating. Often it is not done well or correctly by many. Suggest also a demo of “one-hand” bowline and a demo of the clove hitch with two loops over a piling, both of which most good boaters will use.

  5. @purpleshirts Yes, perhaps do it in an individual tutorial video?

  6. You’re right that is a pretty good stopper knot although it takes a bit longer to tie

  7. Perhaps include the Ashleys stopper knot, its much better than the figure of eight (I understand that you are following the Coastguard guidlines but it it still a good knot)