Alaska- Sky Sailing

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25 Responses to “Alaska- Sky Sailing”

  1. A really old song from Adam and it is awesome.

  2. took a day off work cos was too cbf. spend the early morning with a mate
    getting stuff done. alone time in the arvo puts on sky sailing and the sun
    is beaming through my window. this is beautiful. one of those days in life

  3. A old song from Adam.

  4. <3

  5. i love Alaska it really is the prettiest place in the u.s. i started
    freaking out when i found out Adam made a song about it i loves him

  6. Because right now every youtube video does

  7. Adam Young, I fucking love you. Best musician out there, hands down.

  8. ME WANT TO GO TO ALASKAA!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i miss home , home is the place where i belong,

  10. im also scared of the dark when im alone

  11. I move back to Alaska today and one of my friends posted this on my
    facebook, it made me smile.

  12. iv been listening to adam youngs music for a while and ppl say that music
    cant form a person but i honestly believe that it has, i see the beauty in
    everything now i love everything

  13. I love how this song has a winter sort of cold feeling, a nice feeling
    though ’cause it’s really sunny….maybe I’m just imagining Alaska lol 😀
    love you Adam!

  14. His music is beyond words

  15. This songs turn the world holy i believe

  16. I would like so much to go in Alaska 🙁 Unfortunately can’t even leave
    Europe right now.

  17. Whenever you feel homesick, you should listen to this song, even though a
    line says, ” It’s so good to be home!”

  18. ahhhh 😀 <3 <3

  19. i just had a fight with my dad and this helps..

  20. Adam Young is getting me through my exams 😀

  21. Okay…the one person who “dislike”d this video did it JUST because there
    weren’t any dislikes before. My guess is its probably a jealous Adam Young
    fan wanting attention or something…

  22. theres a reason that there are NO DISLIKES on this video (hint: ITS AWESOME)

  23. you know its nice music when you get chills over your body

  24. omg this is totally going to be a christmas present for my girlfriend to
    accompany the heart necklace

  25. @NeonFlexx Awww lucky, it’s my dream to go there.