Bring Me To Life

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  1. now that is sailing no matter which way youlook at it, awesome cant wait for the 70s.

  2. dude that looks so scary, i would probebly crap my pants twice if i was on 1 of those things.

  3. POWER!!!

  4. @AnimeGirls202 Well you can hear that song in other videos, you dont have to watch this one.
    So dont comment such fuck!

  5. Its Sailing (racing)

  6. ahhh, the golden age! R.I.P. orma 60, i’m not sure we’ll see their like for a while

  7. i fell safest on that then any other boat! (not being sarcastic, I want to sail it)

  8. You are wrong. They really do go that fast!

  9. Awesome!

  10. 2010 sailrocket will take the record

  11. from what i understand, the boat was averaging 64 knots (!) before it turtled. to qualify for record status, you have to complete the entire 500 meter course, which they were unable to do. i might be wrong about all of this, however; it is possible my information is old and invalid. does anyone know what the hydroptere team has accomplished of late?

  12. Isn’t Hydroptere made new speed record twice?

  13. trimaran and hydrofoil technology are really pushing the envelope of what is possible. i love these big boats! check out the hydroptere also; i believe that boat will hold the outright speed record soon, if it does not already.

  14. Just imagine the immense stresses on those rigs!

  15. I love how the apparent wind is always upwind

  16. Verry cool man
    want that too

  17. They dont go that fast 🙂
    Think 20-35 knots

  18. also

  19. only watching vid cuz of song & it came up on the “recommended” list…


  21. boats o.o lol

  22. ok wasnt watching boats love thew song cant find it anywhere 😀

  23. why is this gay song stuck on so many tri videos? Somehow I can’t see Francis Joyon listening to this!!

  24. ahhh, multihull sailing at its best!!!

  25. holy shit those go fast for boats….looks like there gonig at least 75-100km/hour