Classic yacht: new 43ft 1880s style gentleman’s cutter Integrity

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  1. I want that ship!!

  2. Send me the plans

  3. This is a real state of the art boat. I admire the designers and builders!

  4. Makes me smile!!

  5. What a Lady – waaoo!

  6. Beautiful boat. Looks like she sails well.

  7. beauty…

  8. Beautiful glance at sailing of an era gone by… Faved…

  9. Another advantage of multiple headsails on for example a gaff cutter is that it suits the inherent sailtwist you have in the mainsail.
    measurement rules are the main reason the multipleheadsail rigs disappeared.. some rules like the square metre rule measure a boats sail area as mainsail area + 85% of the foretriangle meaning the boat measured in with a jib but competed with a huge overlapping genoa instead at the same handicap.

  10. with multiple headsails the first sail assists all the others in the same way a jib assists a sloops mainsail (venturi effect).. also multiple sails of moderate size are easier to handle, however each sequential sail you add takes away a few degrees from your pointing ability. Modern materials have done alot though.. and the bigger sails benefit from them the most i think, for example J-class yachts that nowadays race with a sloop rig instead of their original cutter configuration.

  11. #ksweens01
    you have to read up on the great controversy which discusses how yankee sloops (forward mast, single headsails) and a british cutters (aft mast, multiple headsails) were developed at a time in which traditions and rules of thumb still dictated yacht design in the 1880s when cutters like Integrity sailed. This would all change in 1890s.

  12. Can anyone explain to me what the benefit is in having several headsails (specifically the sail plan carried at 1:10) versus, for example, a large headsail such as a genoa? I’m more of a dinghy sailing type of guy, so I’m not going to pretend I know anything about big keelboats or yachts of this type. I own a laser, have raced 420s, and have taught at a camp on the venerable Cape Cod Mercury for the past 2 years, so I’m pretty familiar with the whole jib + spinnaker sail plan. Thanks in advance.

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  14. Tornem als clàssics!! Molt bé.!!!

  15. it certainly looks like it was a nice day out. Can Elaine now convince us all to go back to wood?

  16. Beautiful! :)

  17. Grawl!.

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