Coast Guard rescue five

The US Coast Guard crew in Jacksonville were preparing for a mock fire drill, when they were notified of an actual fire aboard a yacht which was fifty miles off of Fernandina Beach. The yacht caught fire early in the morning, and the mariner immediately notified the Coast Guard. The yacht, which is called the Belle Amie, had five people aboard.

All five passengers were adults, and they managed to put out the fire. But the yacht still continued to take on water, and just as a precaution, the five put on life jackets. The yacht had lost all power, and was floating dead on the water. Two helicopters were deployed, and a crew was sent aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Diamondback. The captain of Belle Amie said that, the sound of the helicopters’ blades was the most comforting sound that he had heard, and that the Coast Guard people were really efficient at what they do, and they earn every penny of their salary. And he also said that, without the arrival of the Coast Guard, he would not be alive today. All five who were aboard the yacht were rescued successfully.

The yacht had started taking on water, and it did not stop, until the water gradually reached the electrical circuits and started a fire. The captain was at that time up top, driving, when he heard the alarms go off, and upon reaching the engine room; he found that it was enveloped in flames. Although he ran into a few glitches while contacting the Coast Guard, he eventually managed to get through to them, and alerted them of their status. The Petty Officer on board said that they were always ready for dire situations such as these, and things turned out well for them after all.

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