Emirates Team New Zealand To Look For A New Base

The yachting team of New Zealand well known as the Emirates Team New Zealand is looking for a new and permanent home to setup their base and they are hoping to do it in the Wynyard Quarter of Auckland. Grant Dalton the boss of the team has described the place as a “tin shed”. The current base of the team is in Halsey St which will soon be converted into a five star hotel by the next year. This is the main reason why they are looking to settle down permanently and as per the reports they have already proceeded with their work. In an interview the boss said that it is a big challenge for them because changing the base from one place to another is not easy at all and the discussions are not yet final so there can still be hope at the end of the tunnel for them.

Dalton in his interview also added that it would be a good time to build the New Zealand team as a brand. He was very confident about his team saying that they are strong and their aim of achieving the community brand is getting closer and closer. He thinks that the best way to get started with the branding concept is by looking into the shops and the academies first. This would give them an idea as to how much popular they are in these places and after that they can start the promotion work. He was also pointing to the fact that funding would have to be good in this case because the team would not be able to afford after the development and the shift to the new base. However he thinks that it is only the early days and there are many more things that need to be seen and tested before taking the final decision.

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