Extreme Sailing and offshore sailboat racing

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  1. WTF, the one at 2:20 looks like it has twin outboards!

  2. it’s like saying you can get no thrill unless you can afford an F1 car :), not true mate..

  3. awesome, just awesome

  4. really cool vid,I dont think anymore that sailing is boring.

  5. Great video, retarded soundtrack… Why not just video?

  6. 0:55 на одном спинакере идут

  7. HIKE HIKE!! think fat thoughts!

  8. girls, if u think sailing is easy, fuck off and go play some gay football.

  9. Hah and they are running their SMALL sails!

  10. They need scuba gear.

  11. Maravilloso.

  12. my first boat was a pretty much destroyed 420. full of holes, no sails, bent boom (no idea how they managed that) and only half a rudder. cost me $150 and a summer’s rebuilding, and I won the first race I entered it in. it’s still sailing today, 4 years later, despite the best efforts of the san francisco bay weather.

  13. What a joy!! Kudos!

  14. Shut up, technodork.

  15. Brings back good memories.

  16. Estos hombres, llevan en la sangre la infomación genética de millones de marinos. Su vida es la vida de esos olvidados que buscaron en el horizonte otros mundos. Son los que le hacen cosquillas a Atlas en las espaldas y toman el te con Neptuno y las Walkirias! Oh afortunados! Los amo! Ustedes redimen el alma humana! Salud!

  17. and ´wot´ uh “wot” about world domi-nation ? smells like pure evil since 1996… 

  18. mine twentyfree. fit in the bathtub though… lol you just cant beat jiddish humor can you ?

  19. say would there be any ´correlations´ oh sorry “correlations” between a six figure income and one of the illuminatis hotspots or super covens as svali states ? (you know internet and memory..?)
    i mean bribery and homes buy the sea sure dont fit anywhere in nevada…

  20. You can sail on far less than a six figure income.
    I may not own a Mercedes, I may not have 3 bedrooms to spare, but I did save up €30K for a nice boat.
    I do not get an amazing huge yacht, but I can sail across the channel just fine.

  21. seeing as how you are talking about the Green Dragon, its an Irish boat, funded by a joint co-op between Irish and Chinese interests… it is no where near 10mil$, and if you want to buy it, it is sitting in a garage some where in Galway for sale for around 1mil euros.

    And those so called “deck-apes” did in one year what you could never achieve in two life times… they are highly skilled sailors, who have spent years training, and racing to be some of the best at their profession in the world.

  22. <3 the spinakker... until it fucks up

  23. you sir, have big balls.

  24. I just hope the original videos were far better quality than this….stuff. Posting in 2011 at this rotten quality has no excuses.

  25. My first boat was 3 grand.