Harvard Sailing Team – Boys Will Be Girls: Night Out

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25 Responses to “Harvard Sailing Team – Boys Will Be Girls: Night Out”

  1. Ahhhh, I love this so much! HST – come back and make more of these!!!

  2. Rebecca has some fat thumbs.

  3. not the britney spears toxic but the bad type of toxic..

  4. nope

  5. hahah love the lotion

  6. No way !!! so freaking funny!

  7. Nothing has ever been more accurate.

  8. are they really in harvard

  9. the lotion hahahaha

  10. LOL! I started to put on lotion, and right after so did they.. This is SPOT on..

  11. 4:20
    that was funny

  12. “whatsoevs”

  13. the passing around the lotion is what got me. sooo much truth lmaoo

  14. Go is a hate word! I was dying!!

  15. heterosexual people make me uncomfortable.

  16. “I’m already blackout, let’s blackout some more.”

  17. Is there actually a difference between yeah and yes? T_T

  18. The guy ones are inaccurate , like they jus act dead and if a chick breaks up wit a guy he would of been like fck this bch lol and talk about tryna get pussy ,

  19. “You guys wanna black out?” “I’m already blackout, let’s black out more.”

  20. OMG i totally get how Chris feels!

  21. PLAYA

  22. Everything in this is right on. Hilarious!

  23. so funny!!!! :)

  24. @Bah3932

  25. HAHAHAHAHAH the hand lotion