Harvard Sailing Team – Hipster Playlist

Video Rating: four / five

24 Responses to “Harvard Sailing Team – Hipster Playlist”

  1. My high school started in fifth grade

  2. My favorite video

  3. FUNNY 🙂

  4. “God and sinarebyunbiled”?

    . . . I’m not sure if that was on purpose . . .

  5. white panda!!

  6. I live this bowl


  8. “Don’t look at me” made me laugh so hard.

  9. Ahh man, I basically discovered “! ! !” !!!

  10. The blonde with the headband looks and sounds like Amy Poehler. Sort of

  11. “my Grandma. I also wear all of her clothes.” Macklemore definitely saw this before he wrote “Thrift Shop.”

  12. It’s a COLLECTIVE image of people who live there, which means that all the traits displayed in the vid are real but it would take a few days to see all the types seen here. Actually there are worse types there, from absolute psychos to drug addicts. Many are “too cool” to be bothered by other people while in reality they are very judgemental and tend to encapsulate themsleves in their own world

  13. “I’m not photographed” and “Don’t look at me” got merge most LOL

  14. wow we all know why this hasn’t gone viral? No hipster has shared it :p

  15. p is for poseurs

  16. I’m not photographed..

  17. I hate hipsters.. delusional fucks

  18. its hard to say if these people are too cool or in fact just a bunch of morons

  19. Why isn’t Fred Arminsen in this!?

  20. Check out “Dancing Queen Mishap” for a similarly funny video!

  21. but there’s no P. P is for Posers

  22. No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made Him known – JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

  23. Put a bong on the table and that’s Saturday night for me and my friends.

  24. Yawn