Improve Your Sailing Skills

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  1. What’sso funny? Guess you had to be there…I do get a kickout of the bushy “porn” moustache! Yep this is the70’s no doubt.Good content though.

  2. I think you’re off by a decade– I’m guessing late eighties.

  3. no self tail winches, rope wang so preistoric… it looks like the boat I can afford 🙂

  4. Uh oh FBI warning looks like a VHS is coming on strong better hunker downnnnn

  5. WOW! When was this filmed? Stone age?
    Both, yacht and crew look destinctively, 70-ish. So is the soundtrack. This video is almost like a satirical comment. Think the “70’s Show”. Too funny.

  6. fun to watch…. what kind of boat looks similar to a santana

  7. Thanks for great info, but the music is beyond annoying!

  8. I always wanted to go sailing, looks like so much fun!

  9. About life vests, the PFD comes out after the first half of sailing – why not be a good example and wear the life vests during the trip..?

  10. Ed Kiernan is just another one of those angry hermits who refuses to go to the mountains and leave polite society alone. A tea party type.

  11. Rockin sailin video bro! 

  12. no probs, we have the same health and safety zealots over here, pain in the ass, i sail my boat in the bristol channel with its forty foot tidal range so common sense is needed not silly saftey rules,i dont wear lifejackets but i do wear a harness when it chops up a bit.

  13. When was this filmed? The 80’s?

  14. Fair enough. No I didn’t realize your comment was ironic (it’s a little subtle). Unfortunately, I live in a state full of people looking to impose their views of what’s safe on everyone else. The result is an ever expanding list helmet laws (for bikes, motorcycles, skiing, etc.), restrictions on smoking (which I don’t, but that’s my business), restrictions on drinking, etc. So I get a little sensitive to officiousness, but since that wasn’t your intent, I take back my attack. Cheers.

  15. Hey why the attack? i am on your side dumbo. guess the Brit “ironic” humour went over your head. any way like i said good vid, nice to see people enjoying themselves.

  16. Go away safety Nazi. They were sailing in So. California and it’s their lives, not yours. Go carry a sign protesting second hand smoke or whatever your newest officious way to pass time is now.

  17. Good vid guys,nice to see the”no life jacket” rule in place.

  18. Love that FBI warning in the beginning.

  19. Gracias por esta experiencia educativa, la considero exelente en su presentacion,tecnicas y organizacion gracias

  20. I have 18 years old and I sailing since when I was 5 years, and now I always improve my sailing skills.

  21. i’ve been sailing for 5 years and i am ashamed to say i never played with the curve of the sails or new how i eaven lived on my boat for 6 months

  22. Thanks. I learned a bunch.

  23. My wife and I have been sailing for over 45 years and even after all that time I could always improve my sailing skills, and I would bet if I had a ( 4 man ) crew my sailing would be much improved, but I, like most, don’t have a crew of four. I just wondered if this fella did not have this 4 man would his skills improve????? May your sails always be full and the sun on your back–Mrseabeemike