Joining the big leagues

Prestige is a name which boating aficionados are quite familiar with. But Prestige is a French company who are completely new to the world of yachting, and there are many established names here already, such as the likes of Azimut, Princess, Ferretti, Monte Carlo Yachts and Sunseeker. So Prestige will have to create something really spectacular in order to create a niche for itself in the world of yachting.

So, Prestige has unveiled their latest Prestige 750, which comes loaded with many promises. The hardest challenge that this yacht will have to take on is to dissuade buyers from going to the big names which are already there, but go for a completely new name, which is fresh no doubt, but is a totally unknown entity. And Prestige have come up with a master plan to take on these big daddies of yachting by incorporating a very simple addition onto the 750- a master cabin on the main deck itself. This master cabin is packed to the rafters with features, and the packaging is done so beautifully, that it is sure to win hearts over. The design of the master cabin is that if a luxury yacht bedroom, not something which one would expect on a 75 foot long yacht. It is a simple flybridge yacht which has one of the most luxurious master cabins that a yacht can have.

And the best part about this yacht is that, Prestige has made it a point to display this masterpiece at all major show, so if you are interested, you can visit one near you, and see for yourself, the luxuries that this yacht has to offer. There is a midships cabin below the decks as well, and it is quite a looker as well, from the point of view of comfort and efficiency both.

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