Joshua Slocum – Sailing Alone Around the World

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  1. My greatgreat grand father and GGG grandfather and uncle were all sea captains… all lost at sea 1886…1889 and 1891…

  2. My greatgreat grand father and GGG grandfather and uncle were all sea captains… all lost at sea 1886…1889 and 1891…

  3. A VERY amazing feat!!

  4. I read this book in 1955 +/-, and I still remember it

  5. I have read Slocum’s book many times. He is the master of understatement. Even when he was blown by a n wester into the milky way, his only comment was “How my little ship survived I shall never know”. BTW if my memory is correct he did not sail purposely into the milky way as your video implies but got picked up by the above mentioned nor wester as he emerged from the Straits of Magellan. Great book, I could read it every week and not get bored.

  6. sail a Newick.  It’s an uncomfortable way to not get killed.

  7. “Ignoring the Yankee naysayers, Slocum rebuilt it.”
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  8. I am a direct descendant of him look up his family tree

  9. I’m in Vancouver. Where can I look at her? I’m at anchor in False Creek presently, aboard Hunter-25 Nakusiak.  How does the Spray handle compared to current sloops?

  10. I hope his father died alone.

  11. Astounding! This man cross the ocean with citizen clothes! But he was the inspirator of men like Moitessier, BTW.

  12. I remember reading his book when I was young late teens, early twenties. He was the first cruiser.

  13. I sailed this 30 foot contraption 100miles singlehanded, I had a 12 ft oar lashede at stern to help tacking ,polynesian style. the 5 hp outboard would not push against the wind. But everything in the cabin stayed where you put it,sleeping bag,guitar, milk bottle (standing by the “kitchen”.) 2 of us made the trip home in good time 100 nmiles in 15 hours, then picked up a bouy in Tauranga, drifted, it was a waterski lane marker with a 2lb piece of scrap iron at bottom. Live and learn

  14. i’ve sailed a Piver,it is……a great comfy way to get killed, i believe piver was lost at sea on one of his own designs, probably broke apart. I knew another freind bought one in newport beach at the sheriff auction for 10$, more than it was worth

  15. Very nice video. Much more history behind the man than I had thought.

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  17. Alberg 30 fitted out will get you around the world safely.

  18. Which song is it with the credits? 

  19. wish I had a spray replica

  20. I hope Slocum’s father is burning in hell right now.

  21. That seems very little. In 1975 a friend baught an old Piver trimaran ,fixed it up abit. It cost him 2500$ NZ  but now 40 years on it would be 20x that price.

  22. $30,000 should get you a boat and around the world