Maxi Tri Banque Populaire V at Very High Speed

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  1. AC72’s are only sailing in a bay. Maxi trimaran can cross the Atlantique with a big sea in 5 days.

  2. Kauwhaka. This boat has the record of fastest around the world in all conditions. Not a boat built for 28 knot winds like AC72’s. It covered 29 002 miles at an average speed of 26.51 knots. Look for it in the Rolex Fastnet Race this year. Now named Spindrift2. The new BP is in the race also. Keep logging on to the global sailing TV channel for the latest in sailing.

  3. tell us more about ‘land speed’

  4. Maxi is about the length, not how many hulls. Things have evolved. I’m a mono hull sailor myself, and old salts denying technological sailing advancements living on the nostalgy of the good old days is not good for the sport of sailing.

  5. Yes, everyone watching the Banque Populaire video was wondering whether you are a fan of catamarans or trimarans. Indeed you’ve pooped the party, now how can the rest of us enjoy it?

  6. hauling ass much???

  7. Team New Zealand, sailing the AC72 for the Americas Cup challenger series, hit 47-49 knots early this week. That’s almost 80 kph in land speed.

  8. Very good!

  9. The need that third pontoon to carry their gigantic brass balls!

  10. It’s a real adrenaline!

  11. Can’t believe they got that huge Tri up on one hull in a stiff breeze at that speed, gutsy sailing! The speed is extraordinary, hard to estimate but I’m wondering if they’re not doing something like 30 knots?

  12. Simply awesome! Fantastic!

  13. Hate to be a Party Pooper but that is not what I raced on when I sailed on Maxi’s. A Maxi was an IOR Class (International Offshore Racing) that dominated Yacht racing during the 70’s. A true Maxi is a Mono Hull with an LOA of around 79 ft. I have raced over the years virtually everything that sails. From my Early Days on Beverly Dinghies to Formula 40’s to Maxi’s. Never been much of a fan for Cats or Tri’s for that matter….

  14. Beautiful, must be so much fun sailing something so powerful and majestic! Can I have a go…..Please!

  15. they’re riding this monster on a single hull as wyou would do with your HobbY Cat 16. Just awesome.

  16. I thought at first ” What an ugly vessel ” but she’s actually quite graceful and the more you watch the more the beauty comes out. Must be one hell of a ride 🙂

  17. kool

  18. its only an ilusion the mast is racked aft to balence the boat & sails.

  19. awesome!

  20. at 1:10 the mast is nearly vertical while boat has quite a bit of heel, I’ve never seen an mast like that

  21. what a design, to keep the bow up at all costs, can you imagine if the tri plowed the bow, at 70mph,, scarrrry

  22. Sailrocket 2 record speed over 500 meters was 65.45 KNOTS…about 74 mph- clobbering the previous outright speed record by an astounding 10 knots.. The VSR2 1 second top-speed was 68.01 KNOTS, about 78 mph.

    It’s a whole new game in speed sailing now.

  23. just a hint, cats and trimarans don’t “steam”.

  24. 74mph top speed 65mph average,if they can some how develop a surface to reduce friction of the water,better aerodynamics top side