more yacht racing

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Would be amazing in HD 🙁

  2. been searchin for this video for quite some time.. 🙂

  3. Mumm (Farr) 30 is a horny bastard!!!

  4. I dont
    i think we word in this one just match offshore sailing perfectly

  5. great video… thanks for sharing… 🙂

  6. 28 people are landlubbers

  7. Good fucking riddance you self absorbed ponce :-)

  8. I actually quite like’d the original one, so I don’t feel the need to add my choice.

    You can’t add unsolicited suggestion and expect no-one to actually listen to them and comment. They most certainly do not “fit perfectly”.

  9. Mask Movement – Loose the 5 year old on Granny’s electric organ and you might be on to something

    Conquest of paradise – does great until it launches into slightly camp, very dated electronica

    Mythodea – I can just about see it

    Odes La Dande Du Feu – wtf? Just no….

    1/4… Not a great selection TBH

  10. sailing is the best sport ever

  11. This is not a bash and I mean no disrespect but i kind of liked it, the song had energy. Not sure it is POD either. Just wondering what you would have picked? If anything. I also would have been happy with the natural sound of man and craft vs the elements as well. I give Lester an A for the effort and time he put in for all of us to see these great clips.

  12. lÒl_añýoñê_wànnÁ_chãt_wïth_mE_Ì_féÈl_sö_lÒNèlý_tODäy♀

  13. Looks to be so much Fun!

  14. c’est tellement beau ….. on en redemande !!!!!!

  15. ok so wots the best way to get into the volvo ocean race?

  16. I wanna HD


  18. sailing sailing
    its perfect 🙂

  19. 1:28! Epic chinese gybe! Awesome vid! Sailing rocks!

  20. it’s Farewell My Hell by Millencolin

  21. wait till u see a shaw 30 cainter you will be going down a swell with no back stay on with the big chute up when a 40 knot gust hits you the fore stays like a banana. the bows out of the water and the boat just wipes out at the bottom. weve done all this with a guy up the rig he had to swim bback to the boat.

  22. thanks!
    uhu great!

  23. thats hetic shit man!!!