Piet Veerman Sailing home HQ

Video Score: four / five

13 Responses to “Piet Veerman Sailing home HQ”

  1. kei goed nu en voor altyd gr saskia uit den bosch

  2. einfach schön…

  3. jador

  4. when i was in my teens that was the best band ever where they plaid i was there

  5. einfach Klasse – auch noch nach so vielen Jahren

  6. USA & Holland (L)

  7. Yugoslav song

  8. este superb!

  9. Superb !

  10. Ik zie ik zie wat piet niet ziet.. De camera…

  11. Thank you SUPER !!!

  12. Thank you soooooo Much benaap 1000. he sings this song sooooo beautifully, sends shivers up my spine…hes got an Amazing voice.

  13. A very great, emotional singer, who interprets this powerful song in a perfectly way. In my mind, I can see the ship coming up to the harbour, led by the faith of her crew. Wonderful emotions… thank, with greetings from Vienna.