Rod Stewart – Sailing

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  1. !!!

  2. my grandma loved this song, she died for like 2 months ago, we played it on her funeral, i love this song, i’m crying everytime i here it, i cry now, i’m 14 years old, this was the hardest thing in my life, she was only 58, i loved her so much, i love this song, i love my grandma, rest in peace i miss you and i love you so much! <3

  3. a very moving and fitting song. and yes, he can and always be able to hear you. this I know.

  4. Daddy’s funeral song 🙁 rest In peace daddy I love you

  5. Can I just remind the people who are calling rod Stewart gay that he dated Britt ekland.

  6. I love love love this song.

  7. danke

  8. watch?v=NDu4Z9EECk0&

  9. He is just amazing

  10. Rod canta muito

  11. Released again in 1976 after being used as the theme to the BBC’s series about HMS Ark Royal.

  12. And $250 for the hairdo.

  13. love

  14. Impresionante canción, y la música te penetra en el corazón.

  15. essa musica é imortal.Tenho um compacto em vinil.

  16. That video must of cost $13.76 to make. Cheesy as a motherfucker…..

  17. 나는 어떤 섬을 향해 가고 있는가…

  18. I don’t know why they call this man gay as he has fucked more women then these guy’s have had hot dinners. But, so what if he was. Let’s enjoy this music or listen to that trash they have on now.

  19. Get a grip you homophobic fool theres nothing wrong with this song or liking it, grow up and get with the times gay hating is a thing of the past and should be left there with racism and before you say anything im not gay

  20. yoe must be gay to like this song hahaha you’re all a bunch of faggots

  21. groetjes estelle van marc 🙂


  23. better then titanic