Sailing 420 in Extreme Conditions

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  1. They wear swimming trunks above wetsuit to reduce wear on the wetsuit and
    provide more grip when hiking. Also looks cool haha

  2. Why in the WORLD would someone name the song they created “Sail” (;
    although I do like the song

  3. Zaoli sails! Made in italy <3

  4. thank you very much!

  5. there body position is pretty much good

  6. what type of pants are you guys using?

  7. blueblue

  8. 4:21

  9. Looks more like ideal conditions to me! you guys seem to be working
    together well as a crew.

  10. Sail by the Awolnation

  11. Nice Ease Hike Trim technique by the way.

  12. incorrectly???

  13. you should always trim but also go with the wind with you helm when tere
    are gusts.

  14. Nice attention to details! I don’t remember and I only realized now but
    from what i’ve seen now the swallowtails are only bad adjusted in footage
    from one of the races. I guess we took tension from the mast and didn’t had
    time to adjust the swallowtails or something like that because we usually
    saw that before each start. regards

  15. what is the shipyard of your boat??

  16. wetsuits

  17. Good footage

  18. My English… what does that mean? Thanks in advance

  19. Im a crew and i trap on a 420 do you recommend wet suit pants or bibed pants

  20. The skipper kept incorrectly holding the tiller extension every few
    minutes! That always gets on my nerves. :/

  21. where you have positioned the GoPro @ 3:15? It’s fantastic!

  22. but the captain could be a bit more back

  23. With this wind we preferred to had the skipper sit more farther down so the
    crew could work better with waves. But not far from the time we shoot this
    video the skipper started sitting closer to the traveler bar but with this
    wind I think a leg in front of the traveler bar is too much. I think it’s
    enough like in this video ( you have to put com)
    youtube./watch?v=HhyNdHeO4HE time 1:31 . Regards

  24. I love how you are litteraly lying down while trapezing

  25. You know the two strings shaped like a V that lead into the cleats on
    either side of the boat? The ones attached to a mainsheet block? They
    aren’t centred, so when you’re going upwind fully sheeted in, the mainsail
    will be out further than it should be and so your slot will be more narrow,
    meaning you will lack speed and not be able to point as high.