Sailing from Hawaii to Alaska-Day 21: If you Don’t Like the Weather, Just Wait a Minute.

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  1. Laura and Chuck you both have made some great videos, and in these videos you post great information. I have never sailed before, but I have been on a boat before. However I plan on getting something in the 35′ range or a little bigger. Yet that won’t be until about a year from now, so as of right now I’m just doing my research. I have come to really enjoy the looks of Catalina. Any thoughts on that style and would it be okay in the open sea?

  2. I am so happy for you guys to be able to do this. Thanks so much for sharing. Stay safe.

  3. That would be against the prevailing winds, an unpleasant trip, but most people do it by harbor hopping up the coast one day at a time.

  4. Thank you for your answer. I understand. How about just Los Angeles to the Bay Area?

  5. There is an axiom among cruising sailors: “Gentlemen never sail to weather” meaning up wind. There is a permanent weather feature in the Pacific called the North Pacific High. A high pressure system with clockwise rotating winds around the outside that hovers off the coast of Northern CA, Oregon and Washington. This high pressure system causes the prevailing winds along the coast to blow from North to South so the down wind route is from SoCal to Hawaii to Alaska, around the High.

  6. I’ve never sailed before, so i hope I don’t appear too foolish. If I want to sail from Southern California to Alaska, why is it better to sail to Hawaii then head towards Alaska

  7. chased by the mist of doom 🙂

  8. keeping up with the voyage as it continues to ak. always enjoy the vids. ken, leah fl.

  9. Thanks for sailing with us.

  10. Just subscribed. Learning a lot before i start. thanks.

  11. “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute” the exact words my grandmother used to describe the weather at Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. :-D

  12. The sealant is Sikaflex, similar to 3M 5200. Five years. No leaks.
    The deck plate comes in handy to let in air and light when the companionway is closed and is big enough to pass a coffee mug through. It is also good to wake up the off watch crew when it is time for your relief.

  13. Hi Laura and Chuck, I noticed that you seem to have frameless thru bolted portlight/deadlights on your Vega…do you know what sealant was used between plastic and cabin? I have replaced one of mine with the no frame technique and used butyl rubber tape as sealant. Also do you use the clear deck plate beneath the compass for more than an outside light source?

  14. Its amazing how the color of the sea changes with the sky. What a difference between happy and gloomy. You guys have inspired other sailors, which I think is great. Have you seen carsondcat, watch their Bermuda to Azores day 3 video specifically at about 2:30 into it, if you’re not a fan of them Im sure they are one of yours. Have you guys decided how long you will continue to sail? Do you have other plans besides sailing? Any plans to take on Asia? Europe?

  15. Tried everything, ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger gum, even ginger Altoids. It all helps a little but for Chuck the Dramamine works best.

  16. Seasickness… My mother struggles with seasickness, to the point which Dramamine did not help, but for some reason ginger root supplement helps her more than Dramamine. Have you ever tried Ginger for seasickness?

  17. We left Kauai on June 30th. Arrived at Sitka Aug. 4th. We saw more debris this trip but there was already a lot there on our first two times in these waters in Oct ’99 and June ’07.

  18. What dates were you out ? I left Kauai Aug 1 on a Solo return to SF. Home 20 days later. LIke you I saw a tremendous amount of debris, likely from the Tsunami. Fishing was great on return. Worst conditions were a gale at 38N,130W for a couple days of Force 7 to 8.

  19. Continued excellence in reporting your adventures. Thanks, Boatsail1

  20. After the second voyage down the West Coast, Chuck started taking Dramamine for seasickness. We too were surprised at the warm temperatures at this latitude. We generally do three hour watches starting at sunset.

  21. It seems like your sea sickness has been minimized……Good Stuff….It is my ignorance, but I am surprised at the light layers of clothing you are still wearing…..What are your watch schedules at night…..

  22. another great video, you said your tiller pilot has been used the whole time, i have been looking at getting one, which unit do you have?

  23. nice vid

  24. I just noticed in the credits about Bree. My condolences. I always enjoyed the little snippets of her in your videos.