Sailing from Hawaii to Alaska-Day23: Ham and Eggs

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  1. Do you ever catch any fish?

  2. HMS Pinafore has nothing on u Chuck 🙂

  3. Thank you Chuck/Laura I know I really wanna sail sometime within the year. I will of course get lessons, and then take a small crew with me for awhile to get more knowledge. I am a writer among other things, just not a well off paid writer. Do you think blogging would be a good way to earn money as I cruise the open waters?

  4. We have found It costs us considerably less to live the cruising life than it did for us to go to work every day in the city. It takes less than you might think and we have easily been able to earn enough along the way to sustain our lifestyle.

  5. Hey I was wondering being that I caught that, you both live aboard the yacht. What do you do when funds run low. How easy or how hard is it to make money, while traveling and living on a boat.

  6. When you say refit. What does that mean for a boat?

  7. The best videos I must say. Love them all, how about a deck walk about? how do you do this or reef that ,drop the hook tye down the fladderwrap ,winch the twiddledink you know for all us arm chair sailors. You know you are the stars of the crusing vidoes(have you ever look’ed at some of the other peoples vidoes oh man pu) Is this a sloop or cutter rig? Thanks.

  8. “Knowing the Ropes” by Roger C. Taylor.

  9. Chuck & Laura, I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing your adventures! Chuck, the book with the sailing tips, do you recall the title and author? I have quite a collection of books but know I don’t have that particular one. I was hoping I could find it used online. Thanks!

  10. We plan to send two or three months exploring SE Alaska then head back to Port Townsend for a refit.

  11. Don’t wait too long.

  12. also you guys inspired me to do what you do but i am only 14 and when i get older i will buy a boat and sail the world

  13. were are you planning to explore next?

  14. Chuck has lived aboard since 1990, Laura joined the crew in ’96.

  15. The two solar panels are rated at .5 amps each.  It is just barely enough if there is plenty of sun. They were fine in Hawaii, not so much up North. The main advantage to those particular panels is the mounting system.

  16. I cant find anything on the wattage of your solar panels on your web page. I know they stopped working at one point. Is it enough or will you upgrade ?

  17. how long have you guys lived on board lea lea

  18. Chuck has had his private pilot’s license since 2005. He misses flying but sometimes you have to make choices.

  19. Just want to say I’ve been following your sailing blog for a while now, I love what you guys are doing. I noticed Chuck was saying he wanted to take flying lessons lol, I”ve been a pilot now for for 4 years and I’m wanting to give it up just to go sailing like you guys do. That looks like so much fun. I know your in Alaska now, safe journeys on your next trip, and I’m always looking forward to your next video.

  20. That is very wise! Love your videos!

  21. We have a couple of special bottles of wine on board but we do not drink at sea.

  22. I always get hungry watching your videos! Any alcohol on board?

  23. Actually, we are not in Sitka. We are in the much smaller town of Petersburg on Mitkoff island. We were thinking of doing something on cruising costs but Lynn and Larry Pardey have done such a great job of that in “The Cost Conscious Cruiser” (Available on our web site in The Book Locker) that we decided we don’t have much to add.

  24. chicken and a pig? sailor tatoos? I love you videos and cant wait for each new one. how is sitka besides ccccccooooolllllddddd? I was curious if you have done anything on the cost to do what you are doing. i live on a 29 foot lanser sail boat and cant wait till i can aford to cut the lines.

  25. I see the same on a smaller scale. And yes, he is in fact adding to your viewer ship, so thanks to the troll.

    My pleasure for watching and I still need to buy Chuck (and Laura) a beer next time you two are around the southern California coast.