Sailing from Hawaii to Alaska-Day35: The Longest Day, Arrival at Sitka Harbor

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  1. today when we were sailing someone from advanced tried to pirate our boat and i got pushed out so i went back with my intrusctors it was suprisingly fun

  2. Great job!

  3. I started skimming thru your vids & b4 I knew it I was viewing entire days was hooked by day 10 , u guys never got tired of each other & Lauras bubbly personality was very endearing.

  4. So happy to see you guys made it to Sitka, yet I am very sorry for your loss on Bree. Looking forward to watching the next voyage, I am so hooked on your videos it isn’t even funny lol. Thank you again for sharing them with us all.

  5. US flagged vessels are not required to check in when transiting between US ports, unless they call at a foreign port enroute. When traveling from the US mainland to Hawaii, arriving vessels are required to check in with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture, but not US Customs.

  6. I recently watched your entire series of vids on the trip from Hawaii to Alaska. Having spent lots of time at sea (aboard aircraft carrier USS Constellation), I related to the excitement of arriving in port. Are you required to check in with customs upon arrival, having been out of the country and in international waters?

  7. No secret. Drammamine or Bonine both work fine for me.  I take the one-a-day chewables.

  8. Care to reveal the secret drug? I take friends on my boat that get sick.

  9. Drugs

  10. Condolences for Bree.
    No seasickness this time! How’d you kick it?

  11. I love watching your vids, sorry about the kitty passing away… great job of parking the boat… bet its always nice to step foot again on solid land… LOL!! The Pacific is a big big Ocean!!

  12. I have spent the last couple of days watching the videos of your cruise from Hawaii to Alaska, and I must admit it has been one of the most inspiring things I have seen in a long time, I have been planning for some time now and have been saving towards buying a 26 to 28 foot yacht with the plans that once I retire hopefully sometime in the next 5 years my son and I plan to spend 3 to 4 months (maybe longer) sailing to and around the Mediterranean, so sorry for the loss of Bree.

  13. Thanks again

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  15. Simply Incredible.. I am supposed to at work in a few hours. I couldn’t stop watching your trip and now it’s 4 A.M! Thank you for sharing your voyage with me. I actually feel like I know you two after watching you videos.

  16. Hi Chuck and Laura, sorry to hear about Bree, Kind Regards Marty

  17. Maybe so, but he was on duty until 11:30PM. We got in at 9 and he met us at the dock.

  18. That Harbor Master did not sound very sailor friendly at all…. Sounded more like he was being bothered at the time….

  19. As one combat veteran to another, thank you for your service, and thank you for watching our videos.

  20. Really enjoy your videos, I have been a fan since I found and subscribed in 2010 while on a combat tour in Afghanistan. Your videos are great and have inspired me to start my own quest towards education and inevitable sailboat ownership, thanks. Very sorry to hear about Bree,,

  21. I just love your adventures. Someday I hope to do it before I am too old to handle the boat!

  22. I’ve seen all 200 videos and this is one of my favorite. I look forward to the next 200..

  23. Thanks for another great series of video’s, loved the voyage through your eyes and am looking forward to the Alaska series.

  24. Sorry to hear about Bree. I’ve loved your videos, and hope to see more :)

  25. Wow bree was 16 that truly blows my mind u guys know we have a cat too I have to stop and think what my wife and I will be doing in 12 years and how many seas our Helix will cross =) and thanks for looking at our chan too u guys are like our role models lol many blessings can’t wait to see Alaska with u.