Sailing the Caribbean – Learning to Sail

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  1. Hi, this is Johnny – nice to meet You. Would You like to listen music completely made by 1 person with live instruments? If yes – click on my channel. Thank You & enjoy 🙂

  2. Love your video and I’m sure your captain had lot of fun with teaching you hayseed the rules of the sea 🙂
    I would love to go aboard …it’s on my list! one day …but then for the next couple years 🙂

  3. Norway !!!!! 😀

  4. He talks alot but don’t see him doing any work.

  5. Beautiful Boat, inside n out.

  6. This is awesome.enjoy ur is good with u!

  7. Love it!! wish I was sailing to that destination as well, how exciting , nice sailboat enjoy!!

  8. lol!!! You’re right!!!! Ohahahahaha!!!

  9. Really awesome experience! You’re doing something I want to do.

    I am a little skeptical that depth finder for navigation was in feet unless that was feet beneath the point of the keel? Else I would guess it was in meters. Just my opinion based on my own scuba diving and boating through Hawaii & the Great Lakes.

    But hey, I hope you and Trol have some adventures before you part ways! Simply amazing opportunity!

  10. Nice boat, everything you need!

  11. norwegian flag?? can i have the job.

  12. Fun experience! Looks like a nice sailboat. Do you think you’ll do some more sailing? Maybe a long distance trip?

  13. LOL! Let there not be a mutiny on the ship! AR ME HARTIES!

  14. Laura there is still space in the captain’s room

  15. not sure Laura, heading up the Mexican Coast now

  16. We have two canadians on the trip now, still room 🙂

  17. You have great eyes 🙂

  18. a box of trojans by on the clock lol

  19. I really want to learn how to sail. Any plans to sail around the world some day?

  20. This was great! Spur of the moment?

  21. Your are lucky indeed to find this man ! in France we say that Luck only smiles to adventurous persons 😉

  22. how long will you be on the boat for?….. how long does it take to get to Cuba?

  23. So cool! I want to be on the sail boat too!

  24. love it….