Small Boat Sailing Florida Keys Solo Pt. 1

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  1. Thanks Steven! It was a trip I’ll never forget.

  2. nice video Brother.

  3. Pyrocrig, I launched it at ramp with my truck, no problem. There are ramps all over the Keys,you just have find a place to store your truck and trailer. Some marinas have a place to store them some don’t. I figured a campground would have ample space, and they did.  Trailer-sailing is GREAT! I love it! Best of all I don’t waste money on a slip fee when I don’t use my boat for a long time.

  4. Did they hoist launch your boat or ramp? I have a 20′ O’day I trailer all over Michigan, and would love a Florida Key cruise. Trailer-sailing … ahhhh … freedom!

  5. damn much quicker going by air

  6. Not sure, a long time lol  I’d guess 2-3 weeks maybe? Depends on weather too.

  7. how long would it take from the uk to florida or new york?

  8. Wow, that’s freezing….. Glad they help man, and I’m dreaming of warmer weather here too and it’s going to be in the 70’s the rest of the week. Cat 22’s are super nice boats, hope you find one you can take down to the Keys soon.

  9. Dude…; Its February 2013; 10 degrees outside, Snowed AGAIN last night… These keys videos help me get through another Wisconsin winter; thanks for posting. Love the keys…Been looking at catalina 22’s around here.

  10. Very cool, good luck on that Venture 25. If you have any questions shoot me an email at sailingandsuch-at-gmail
    I used to have a Macgregor 25 which I’m pretty sure is the same thing or almost the same. Also SailboatOwners is a really good forum for questions and learning alike.

  11. Coupon Key?  Wow! I almost anchored right over there by you one night. I sailed into the Bight there but decided to turn back head down towards Saddlebunch Harbor. You live in one of the three buildings on that island? I see you can rent the places there, do you work for the company or something? How neat….

  12. There probably is, but I’m not sure what it is. Google it and you should be able to find it pretty easily.

  13. I had a 17 venture with a swing keel. I have sailed a 31 pearson..17 is too small for me these days but you’re right about the draft

  14. Thanks for getting back to me, I checked the Florida state license folks, 49 bucks a person per year. That works for me. Crabs etc included. Is there a season for the shellfish?

  15. Private island there? What like Shark Key or something? Yes, lucky you!

  16. Yes, you can fish and eat all the fish you want! As long as you don’t catch over the legal limit and the fish is of legal size.

  17. My boat? It’s only 17′! The Catalina 28 will be great down there. Try not to go with something that has to deep of a draft. I wouldn’t want to do it with more than 4′, although my boat is only 1’9″ with the board up.

  18. How big is your boat? I was thinking about a 30 ft cat but do I really need to spend all that? I would think a 28 catalina would be more than enough.

  19. Your da Man! I plan on coming down there soon. 2 questions for you if you dont mind. Can you freely fish off of your boat? Seems like there would be some regs involved. Can you feed yourself off of the water? You got the right idea.

  20. I do have one of those solar yard lights zip tied to my backstay just above the cockpit for light in the cockpit all night in case I have to get up in an emergency or to check something. Plus, like you said it make’s the boat more visible. The kayaker helmet is pretty funny indeed but like you said it works. Something to consider, thanks for the comments!

  21. Hey, that’s a pretty cool idea for fishing. I may have to try that one! Thanks!

  22. I wish I were doing what you’re doing. Go buy a couple of those small solar power yard, or walkway lights sold at Walmart. If you are going somewhere for the day and might have to paddle back after dark, they will help you find your boat. I wear a kayaker helmet with a white all around camping LED light mounted on top for night paddling. Looks a bit goofy, but works, and as far as the Coast Guard is concerned, it makes night paddling legal.

  23. Nice cruise. For fishing at anchor, forget the fishing pole. Get a piece of wood, or a small kitchen cutting board and cut it down to 5in by 10in. Cut both ends into a v shape. Cut a long hand hold along one side. Drill a small hole in the middle. Tie the end of about 50ft of 10lb or 20lb test fishing line in the hole. Wrap the rest around it end to end. Tie on a jig, and fish off the side of the boat. Get a cast net to catch bait. That’s old school fishing using what’s called a hand line. Fun.

  24. Thank you very much, yours are quite interesting too!

  25. Love the videos