t2p.tv at 2011 Rolex Big Boat Series SERIOUS WIPE OUT

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13 Responses to “t2p.tv at 2011 Rolex Big Boat Series SERIOUS WIPE OUT”

  1. скоро прямым рейсом

  2. yeah, as wipe-outs go it could have been much much worse.

  3. Funny to watch but it’s annoying when you’re onboard!

  4. Nice retrieval in the end!

  5. They looked pretty coordinated after loosing the spinny of course, good recovery in my opinion. Not sure what happened in the first place, standard cock up maybe? haha
    Nice video

  6. Did they just forget at some point that they dropped their spinnaker into the sea and notice that a few seconds later when the boat did a 180 degree turn by itself.

  7. Ha, no but we should start doing that like in reality TV shows. I’ll pay you $20 for a close duck, $50 for a jybe right in front of another boat and $500 for a complete wipe out!!

  8. Did Tucker pay that crew to put on that performance?

  9. They’ll be happy with that performance…

  10. It’s the Rolex Big Boat Series in San Francisco, California. They be racin’!

  11. Great Video! Lots of crazy action and trouble in this year’s regatta.

  12. Classic! Way to go Ashley!!!

  13. Holy crap, WTF are they doing out there?