The Bahamas HD “Sea of Abaco” – Sailing Timelapse

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21 Responses to “The Bahamas HD “Sea of Abaco” – Sailing Timelapse”

  1. Brings back wonderful memories of hanging out in the Abacos. Beautiful translation.

  2. Such a beautiful movie! More of them!

  3. No i think they use a software called Panolapse to get that effect.

  4. Its called “Song of Tahiti” by Stephen J Anderson. Google him he has a website and has all his music on there.

  5. My son loves this video and he especially likes the music. Do you know the name of the song?

  6. Beautiful work! Do you use rails to get the forward motion effect?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. You did these islands justice.

  8. Yes it’s white sound, thanks!

  9. Love the Video!! One question – when you said “White Town” did you mean “White Sound”?

  10. Beautiful 

  11. Great work! The Abacos Rock and so do your cinematic skills!

  12. So beautiful! Thanks.

  13. very well done indeed

  14. Just Lovely, Gona send it to AbacoVideos. He may use it too.

  15. Very nice ^.^

  16. Amazing! Great job

  17. Although this is a great video, and I really enjoyed watching it, it really has nothing to do with actual “sailing”

    It’s great to charter bare, or otherwise, boat to where ever, the “sailing” aspect may be very different than what you get.

  18. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

  19. thanks to you, I really went to this place!)))

  20. Bravo!