The Basics of Sailing / The Sailing Simulator

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  1. with a kite up? hell no in a 420/470 you’ll capsize heel up a ton or death-roll

  2. Lol if you do a un contorted Jybe on small boat you’ll capzise you want to do a uncontrlode Jybe

  3. Seems like it’s faster to move between positions so you can use repetition easier to speed up learning. Also, a lot of learning is about embracing the possibility of failure. Without the fear of the danger of being on a boat, screwing up something, breaking the boat, injuring someone, etc. I imagine it makes it a million times easier to focus on the subject at hand.

  4. I reread your comment 3 times. It is simply awesome.

  5. This is one of the greatest videos on youtube. I just learned a great deal of things from watching your presentation. You are a true educator.

  6. Yes it needs to be done in a dead calm… I typcially never use it outside. Cognitively it does make learning sailing easier as most if not all my students tell me this. Actually at one point I did not use this machine in my classes but it proved so popular that I put it back it. Of course using it does not eliminate the need to sail on a real boat so this machine never replaces the real thing.

  7. I commend you on your effort(s). It is appreciated when someone takes the time to introduce concepts to novices. In the initial gibe she is caught sailing by the lee a dangerous situation. The tacks are over steered. It would be best to have an experienced sailor at the helm. I recommend you use a small dinghy like a laser mounted on a dolly or lazy-susan style mechanism to allow it to rotate. This can be done in a situation using real wind not fans. You may have a nice teaching tool.

  8. Nice video

  9. This is an unimaginably inelegant and yet ingenious solution to a problem which doesn’t even exist; it is inconceivable that this contraption is easier for a novice to understand than a real sailboat, but it demonstrates so faithfully the basics of sail trim. Also it seems that it would only work in a dead calm.

  10. Coreen, Capt Miles, Thank you for finally turning the proverbial bulb on for a T10 SI in So Cal. Tuned in for help with the foreign language spoken on the Volvo Ocean Racing videos. Turns out it’s a Science! Doubt it’s original, but has anyone suggested an experiment, ie. fitting that dock with a keel & a rudder, etc?

  11. Awesome idea! Original, creative.

  12. very cool simulator!!!!

  13. Because some people learn better on this before setting foot on a sailboat on the water. Lessons their fear as well of not sailing good. So in my sailing class we use this sailing simulator but also do it on a boat(s).

  14. Thanks Phalanz25, glad you liked it. I use this sailing simulator in all my classes wind or now wind. Once my students learn on it we hit the water an apply what they learned. I have found time and time again my students do much better in the class after using the sailing simulator. The machine was designed for the disAbled but works well for anyone wanting to learn to sail.

  15. WOW thank you for this video…finally got my question answered .

  16. Why not do it on a boat..?