The World, world’s largest private residential yacht

Anne McBride-Schreiber feels very happy to be able to watch the world from her front window. And, this is almost like a dream for most people, but for the Palm Beach retiree, this is one way to relish 4 – 8 months a year.
McBride-Schreiber, now 68, is among a community of almost hundred-and-fifty international families who own a home aboard The World, which is a 644-foot-long, 12-deck luxury ship consisting the world’s biggest private residential yacht. Launched in the year 2002, the World is very must the prototype of a year-round yachting lifestyle other firms are attempting to imitate. Today homes start at more than $1 million, and you should be worth at least $10 million to be considered.
Speaking about the life aboard The World, McBride-Schreiber said that this is an extraordinary experience that one really could not explain to anyone. She is very privileged to be able to do this, but she worked hard her whole life. She did not inherit what she has now. None gave it to her.

About 6 years ago, Anne and her late husband Jordan Schreiber bought a home on the luxury yacht so that they could travel the world and visit great and far-flung places right from their doorstep. She added that she, in the past, visited Africa, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Vietnam. Since its first tour, The World has visited over 90 ports in over 140 nations.

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