US On I420 World Championship

This is with reference to the United States International 420 Class Association, whose annual general assembly meeting was held before the Class World Championships in Italy and a bid was made for hosting the 2018 world event. It has been decided that the regatta of World Championship 2018 would be hosted at the Newport in Rhode Island.

The presentation was by Rent a yacht Croatia and the US I-420 Class Association Board. The Newport organization is the Rhode Island Public Sailing Center, which has its facilities in the Fort Adams State Park by the Newport Bay. There were several national authorities who were present at the meeting.

The meeting led to unanimous decision being taken that US would host the event in 2018 and that Newport would be the destination city. The competition dates have also been planned, from the 8th to 15th of August 2018. It would be on the heels of the Volvo Ocean Race that would have their American stop over just before this event begins.

The World Championships Regattas have come on for I-420 in the open as well as men’s and women’s class as well as in all categories for the U17. This time the teams and nations competing in the 420 championships have increased many folds. The last time that the I420 World Championships were hosted by US was in 1997. At that time Newport had also been the favored destination. Before the 2018 event the 2017 event would be held at Fremantle in Australia. There would be a warm up event before the finals and the championship would take place in December next year. The races usually involve dinghies that are high performance and double handed. These have been around since the sixties, but they have become more active in the US now.

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