Vertical Sailing Greenland (Ep. 2): Impossible Wall

Movie Score: four / five

25 Responses to “Vertical Sailing Greenland (Ep. 2): Impossible Wall”

  1. +Donovan – They climb the pitch twice. Once to get the camera man up on
    top of the pitch to get in place for shooting. Then they clean the route,
    rap down to the start, and climb it again.

  2. great vids, but the super loud, repetitive music is sooo annoying i can’t
    tell you. actually makes it almost unwatchable..everytime it stops you
    think..’yess’ then 3 seconds later it starts a form of torture.
    “musical issues’ is right.

  3. hehe.. 3:33 “this is eh…” – and then i was like: is he gonna order a
    pizza now? :D

  4. How do they get the shots from above like @ 2:30 does one of them climb a
    separate pitch? Because it looks like he is lead climbing laying down
    protection, though someone is above him.

  5. Brilliant! Love the “Live” music soundtrack :-)

  6. i like how he holds the walkie talkie to his hear while talking. ha ha!

  7. hey can you tell me the name of that song ye keep playing ? cheers

  8. ha les pti Belch 🙂

  9. I think they composed it…

  10. najs

  11. Where in Greenland is Your impossible wall?

  12. Amazing! Would love to try it. Not sure I could ever get over sleeping on a
    porta-ledge though.

  13. I heard that they were lifting 300kg lagage as wel. how fakd up should a
    man be to do something this beautiful? True musicians who climb to play
    love and life.

  14. Should have brought a lawnmower guys! 🙂

  15. Huge respect to you all! Is there any way to get the soundtrack? Love the

  16. I love patagonia 🙂

  17. Gut, dass da überall Graßbüschel zum festhalten waren!

  18. Very envious. Exactly what life is about.

  19. NIco! Je veux ma copie de ASgard JAmming!!! Rasta



  22. two thumbs up 🙂

  23. guys, you’re insane! I love it!

  24. Patagonia Sin Represas

  25. 4:44!