Winter Sailing on Puget Sound/Seattle Catalina 36

Movie Rating: five / five

16 Responses to “Winter Sailing on Puget Sound/Seattle Catalina 36”

  1. @spcharby Yup, actually it needs a tuning, thanks for the comment.

  2. Nice video! What camera did you shoot this with? What video editing
    software? One more question: what was the nice music with it? Well done.
    Thanks for posting this on the C36IA website.

  3. Cool Video. Perfect music too. I have a 2001 C36 MK11, so I can appreciate
    your single-handed skill, especially working a camera and in those
    conditions. Amusing to read ‘start off the year’ Here in Sarasota, Fl., we
    take for granted sailing year round. Impressive to see that SOG 8.5! I
    rarely see that in mine! Hope you’ve had a nice season.

  4. Johns right about the cinematography. Its a nicely done video. I live and
    sail in the Chesapeake bay but I am from So. Fla. I sail all year here and
    there and often thought if I was in the sound……I’d sail year round
    there too! .

  5. Nicely done. – What year? Also, what suit is that you’re wearing? How

  6. Next time there is a small craft advisory, try going into Sinclair inlet.
    Boy, that is fun. With our boat we were heeling an excess of 40 – 50
    degrees with our sails properly trimmed.

  7. wow that is a lot of heel…

  8. @bcsailor2003 indeed it was a good way to get it started 🙂

  9. @0Howlin0 thanks! my catalina is a 1989. I was wearing a Helly Hansen
    coastal jacket and slam foulies. I was totally toasty.

  10. @serenitynow — thanks! it was a fun day indeed.

  11. Thanks! I shot this with my samsung focus windows phone then edited quickly
    on movie. The music is Extreme Ways by Moby.

  12. best way to start off the new year!

  13. Thanks John for the comment! The 36 is a great boat that is relatively easy
    to single hand. That day was such a great day to sail, good steady wind and
    no-one on hte water, and the boat was just flying on a beam reach. I envy
    florida for warm year around sailing; we sail year around here, but it is
    wet/cold, sometimes freezing. The really cool thing is that sometimes you
    can get some skiing and sailing in one weekend — that makes it worth it
    altogether (or that’s how we convince ourselves 🙂

  14. Nice! Thanks for sharing…8.5 kts great days but watch the over stress on
    the rig!

  15. Nice day on the water and great way to start the year. Thumbs up.

  16. @serenitynow1871 Thanks!