Yacht Broach

Movie Rating: one / 5

25 Responses to “Yacht Broach”

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  2. try the lower vid quality and it plays

  3. Boat stopped moving 5 sec into the video. Continued to load but boat stopped…

  4. Psssst! Hey you guys,,, a broach doesn’t necessarily mean a knockdown.

  5. Non-event…but at least they had pfd’s and harnesses clipped in…

  6. Handicam pwnage. I think he just stalled the rudder in a following sea, didn’t seem like a full broach. It was tending towards that!

  7. good sailing, but not a knockdown. i noticed helmsman responded to port on what looks like a quartering sea. these are normal conditions, but nothing unusual. bigkiwial is right, this is nothing to write home about if you’re offshore. My guess is approx 30kt’s gusting to 35 at most…. and following sea. … NON-EVENT.

  8. yea, this is just sailing in high swells and heavy weather. good stuff, but no knockdown.

  9. just change the title of the video and my rating goes way up.

  10. The camera man got knocked down not the boat. What idiots… When the mast is in the water, thats a knockdown. Been there, done that> Bristol 26

  11. That was a long way to nothing much.

  12. If the helmsman took his shades off, stopped chewing gum, and stating at the wheel he might be a little quicker to react. When sailing with waves coming from behind I’d get someone to keep an eye out the back, so I have a heads up.

  13. Accidental jibe . Wave has hit the stern and he hasnt been quickenough to react . Always harder on graders than planing boats to react too!

  14. wow thats weak

  15. Force 8-9, what a load of crap, I hope you never see a real blow.

  16. What’s the big deal about??? Just regular sailing. No way this is force 8-9 winds.

  17. hope I do never come across people like you on the water and I also hope I never have to rescue any childish person commiting suicide your way. Think over your position!

  18. haha touche, totally agree

  19. You’d better taken sunglasse off and your eyes in the water instead bloody compass. And do not stir the ocean with the rudder blade.

  20. He means mist.

  21. It is a ‘cameraman kockdown’!!

    Dangorous this drinking and crewing.:)

  22. Good explanation for your ‘smoke’ comment. It is an unreal thing to behold when it happens. 🙂

  23. ha ha yea its a strange saying. When you have force 9 winds, the surface of the water lifts into the air a few inches making a white smoke like effect blowing along the water. Sorry im not very good at expaining things

  24. This is no way a force 8-9. There is no smoke bolwing across the water, the boys can still talk easily. maybe a force 6 after the 8-9 has blown past leaving the choppy seas

  25. Have to agree w tph777. Nothing happened. The guy slipped over ! Do you hear any crashing waves ? Any comments from the helm ? The usual story with quartering seas like they had here, is simply a wave pooping the cockpit. Everyone gets wet. Not much else happens. Per the comments about clipping on. Remember even the Vovlo boys still clip in.