Yacht Capsizes, Onboard Experience and Man Overboard

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6 Responses to “Yacht Capsizes, Onboard Experience and Man Overboard”

  1. He looked Jewish enough to me, I dunno…

  2. Shouldn’t they be wearing a bouyancy aid

  3. Sailing by the lee and too many distractions by having crew and “guests”
    aboard a racing yacht clearly “cruising” with possibly poor communications
    by a helmsperson and/or skipper = accidental gybe and “man overboard.”
    Fairly good recovery and some good MOB techniques demonstrated: throw
    flotation in direction of MOB as soon as possible and order someone to
    clearly point as a spotter for the MOB so that the boat can attempt a
    recovery of the MOB but really less than ideal Hornblower stuff!

  4. What happened here?

  5. The goy who went overboard is a lucky man, that boom would have finished
    him off if it had hit him.

  6. Good going.