Yachting Event In India

Yachts are being seen on lakes in India as well.

This time there were yachts of a different kind. There were many which had artwork on their sails on the Hussain Sagar Lake. There were splatters of colors on the sails of yachts that are otherwise plain. With such colorful artworks the yachts were definitely a pretty sight. With cheers filling the air, it was the Yacht Club of Hyderabad that had this unique event organized. In this event the sails of the yachts had different kinds of patterns on them. Many had images of trees as well as words or messages on them. The sails were decorated with paint ornamentation. The artists, who had worked on the sails, were part of the Icon Art Gallery. They helped add signature looks and designs to the sails that were on the waters that day.

This event was organized as part of an initiative to spread the message on water management. Organized on World Water Management Day, the art curator at the gallery stated that the US consulate had proposed the idea to her.

With the idea of organizing a sailing event with unique art works on the sails was something that Avani Rao Gandra thought of when the idea was proposed to her. Four sails were painted by professionals while the other sails were painted by children. When the idea was proposed children from different institutions and schools were asked to leave their mark on the sails. They were encouraged to be part of the event and experience the event as well. As life for all of us revolves around water, getting 250 children to be involved in a water conservation idea or project was a great achievement. The participants were able to experience the open waters for the first time. Children were encouraged to think of unique ideas for the sails. To help children use the sails as a canvas, they were offered stencils and they could fill in the spaces with a spray can colors.

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