Coast Guard rescue five

The US Coast Guard crew in Jacksonville were preparing for a mock fire drill, when they were notified of an actual fire aboard a yacht which was fifty miles off of Fernandina Beach. The yacht caught fire early in the morning, and the mariner immediately notified the Coast Guard. The yacht, which is called the Belle Amie, had five people aboard.

All five passengers were adults, and they managed to put out the fire. But the yacht still continued to take on water, and just as a precaution, the five put on life jackets. The yacht had lost all power, and was floating dead on the water. Two helicopters were deployed, and a crew was sent aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Diamondback. The captain of Belle Amie said that, the sound of the helicopters’ blades was the most comforting sound that he had heard, and that the Coast Guard people were really efficient at what they do, and they earn every penny of their salary. And he also said that, without the arrival of the Coast Guard, he would not be alive today. All five who were aboard the yacht were rescued successfully.

The yacht had started taking on water, and it did not stop, until the water gradually reached the electrical circuits and started a fire. The captain was at that time up top, driving, when he heard the alarms go off, and upon reaching the engine room; he found that it was enveloped in flames. Although he ran into a few glitches while contacting the Coast Guard, he eventually managed to get through to them, and alerted them of their status. The Petty Officer on board said that they were always ready for dire situations such as these, and things turned out well for them after all.

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Emirates Team New Zealand To Look For A New Base

The yachting team of New Zealand well known as the Emirates Team New Zealand is looking for a new and permanent home to setup their base and they are hoping to do it in the Wynyard Quarter of Auckland. Grant Dalton the boss of the team has described the place as a “tin shed”. The current base of the team is in Halsey St which will soon be converted into a five star hotel by the next year. This is the main reason why they are looking to settle down permanently and as per the reports they have already proceeded with their work. In an interview the boss said that it is a big challenge for them because changing the base from one place to another is not easy at all and the discussions are not yet final so there can still be hope at the end of the tunnel for them.

Dalton in his interview also added that it would be a good time to build the New Zealand team as a brand. He was very confident about his team saying that they are strong and their aim of achieving the community brand is getting closer and closer. He thinks that the best way to get started with the branding concept is by looking into the shops and the academies first. This would give them an idea as to how much popular they are in these places and after that they can start the promotion work. He was also pointing to the fact that funding would have to be good in this case because the team would not be able to afford after the development and the shift to the new base. However he thinks that it is only the early days and there are many more things that need to be seen and tested before taking the final decision.

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Dick Boon’s Aisling Is On Sale

When we talk of excellence in yachts, Netherlands is the place that comes to our mind. The Netherlands has always, and for very long, been a place where builders of yachts have striven fro excellence. Some of the most reputed brands and craftsmen which include names like Feadship, Heesen and Royal Huisman, have called Holland their home. This same record of excellence also holds tru for Vripack that has been a professional yacht designer, engineer, naval architect and broker since the year 1961; and the founder of Vripack Dick Boon who is a naval architect. Dick Boon is retired now, but the legacy of the naval architect is present in many yachts, which include Doggersbanks, especially the Doggersbanks Aisling which measures 84 foot.

Doggersbanks Aisling was one of the last projects undertaken Dick Boon. Now, the 84 foot Doggersbank Aisling has been put for sale. The Aisling is on sale in the brokerage market. It has been put up with a proce reduction of $ 800,000. The proce reduction has been made through broker Bruce Leffers at Northrop and Johnson. The current asking price for the 2000 build Doggersbank Aisling is now $ 3.15 million. This asking price was recently refitted in the year 2012. This was soon after the Aisling was given Awlgrip paint, new generators as well as a full servicing for the entire engine room.

The Italian owners are interested in getting a catamaran, hence have put the Aisling on sale, instead of using it. According to Leffers, “The owners are Italian,” Leffers says. “They own two very large sailboats, over 140 feet, one a real classic and one real modern. They have spent all the money that this boat needs, but they’re not using it and they want to get a 100-foot catamaran instead. That’s why Aisling is for sale.” The broker also said the refit work done in the year 2012 also included interior works such as new overhead, soft goods and carpeting. Traditional teak has been maintained in the required wood work.

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The 23rd Monaco Yacht Show Hits

The country that is the second smallest one in population is Monaco. Still the Principality of Monaco organizes the largest event in the world by the mega yachts show every year during late September. This year was also not an exception and on the 16th of October 2013, the 23rd Yacht Show Monaco was organized where several yachts made their debut after a long wait due to the international recession. Among the crowd only a very few vessels will be there to take part in the inaugural sessions.

As because after a long instability in the market for past several years, situations have started becoming normal now the leading shipyards claim that buyers who are involved in established markets as well as emerging markets would go forward to sign papers for new builds & besides the producers have a wish to launch new manufactures in the future months. Among so many yachts that are newly built of the Monaco Yacht Show this year the ones which has qualities to be noted are—

Galactic Star- The shipyard from Holland, Heesen has built the largest yacht till date which measures 213 feet which is called the Galactic star. If a closer look is given towards the yacht, it will be found that a matured level of detailing and intricacy has been maintained by the experts in interior designing at Bannenberg and Rowell. There is a beach club which has huge water levels is the most noteworthy factor about the yacht. The yacht possesses big doors that can be folded down and is also featured with a bar having a beer on tap in it.

Ocean Paradise- This is a 180 foot yacht that is built by the shipyard from Italy Benetti stole the Monaco Yacht Show because of its heart whelming interiors. Most of the credit behind the extra-ordinary interior designing of the yacht goes to the owner of the yacht.

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