Boat, Beaches, & Bears: 5 Months Sailing in the Last Frontier

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  1. Thank you for posting your journey. I had to stop after you all laughed and joked about killing a bear for sport. Were you starving to death? That bear’s cubs are now.

  2. You can’t justify killing that bear, get a life - instead of taking it.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thanks for contributing to my escapist vision.

  4. Do you eat meat? If so, you’re a hypocrite. We live off the land, mostly. And we can, actually, survive without booze, cigars, and fish. Those are just the finer things in life.

    You go out sailing when it is 10 degrees with 40 knots of wind and come back and say that we aren’t tough..

  5. Yes, it is cold beautiful! And it is sad about all the trash. We try to clean up what we can but it is overwhelming!

  6. We have a sense of humor, and perhaps you didn’t appreciate that. When we shot the bears we were so excited and shocked that we spoke our mind. We respect those animals fully. That is why we eat them, thinking about where they came from, and have their hides on the wall. People who harvest their own meat have way more of a “connection and awareness to all of life” than those who just shop at the store.

  7. Oohh yeahhh…you two such nature lovin’ Hemmingway Rip-Off! Why the f*ck can’t you guys enjoy nature without SHOOTING BEARS?! What the h*ll is wrong with you guys? You feel so tough sailing with al of your comforts in- and out these bays, but you won’t survive a day without your booze, cigars and fish overdose… I loved the video, but hated the unneccesary killing!!

  8. Quite an inspiration. A bit on the cold side for me though,but beautiful! Except for all the trash that shows up. Be safe and enjoy!

  9. Overall, I like your trip, but I found the banter/handling of the bear disrespectful. You had just killed a beautiful animal and found it funny that in full-stride it went down, with grass in its mouth. I know people have to eat, but I could accept it easier if you seemed to appreciate its life-force in a more respectful manner, instead of laughing and saying it is the ‘fucking, coolest thing.’ I feel sad for the bear, but I also feel sad at your lack of connection and awareness to all of life.

  10. Yes, you are wrong. We sent them back to our home with a friend who we ran into on the trip, and they were frozen. We ate them all winter long and didn’t buy any store bought meat.

  11. No two people can eat ?20? salmon in a three week trip. You seem to be like the Dingo, you kill just to kill. Maybe I’m wrong. Can you tell your viewers what you did with all those fish?

  12. Thanks!

  13. I like your attitudes.

  14. Thanks! Bixler learned sailing with his dad and Krystin learned it in college. Those clear days are sure nice!

  15. Great video, thanks for sharing. I didnt realize we had so many non-rain days last summer (i live in wasilla) maybe we shoulda been in Seward as well!!!! Did you two grow up in sailing families or did you learn sailing on your own? Am off to snoop through your other videos.

  16. Thanks! Glad you like it! We are filming a ton more of this summer’s adventures. Stay tuned. A bloody mary sounds great right now!

  17. Just rewatched the video while sipping my bloody mary this morning. Outstanding video. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thanks! Glad you like it!

  19. In dense, dense fog that popped up. Needless to say, NOW we have radar.

  20. How in heavens name did you get in a boat on boat accident?

  21. I love you guys! Awesome bear and fishing!

  22. We live down on wrangell island in southeast alaska.Have lived here my entire life and know the waters very well but have never just had the chance to just go out and enjoy the majesty of the lands around us.

  23. I love you video! My partner and i just bought a 63 foot ferro-cement sailing sloop and plan to do exactually the same thing deer, bear,tags and fishing lisences included! 🙂 awsoem to see other peoples experiences with this!

  24. Oh my goodness, just saw the bit on raw fish. Sushi has been hard frozen (-40) for at least three weeks. There are many parasites that that process destroys. Unless you hard freeze it you should not eat fish raw, there are some pretty unpleasant parasites that you can pick up that way. Some can cause quite a powerful pain incapacitating you for days starting within just a few minutes of eating them.

  25. Russia, Alaska, Canada, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado all have that problem with poachers. I think a few years ago someone poached something like four dozen Alaskan grizzlies one summer.