Iconic 1970s Lucky Bird (Swan) Overhauled

If adding a feather in one’s cap is taken seriously than this refurbishment is the best epitome of it. The Swan 48 which was renowned for its one of the most iconic and unique blue water sailing designs of all time is now been renovated. This Sparkman and Stephens’ designed Swan is often referred to as a classic example of the 1970s yacht and this renovation turned it into a weekend sailor suitable for a 21st-century family.

Lucky Bird’s renovation was not pre-decided, it just came off as a coincidence and only the renovation of the Swan’s interior was on cards and the carpenters were determined that they will not change the exterior designing. It happened as the Swan arrived at the Younique and while working on the interior renovation as more and more of swan’s traditional fittings were stripped out, the interior as well as the exterior beautified more and was renovated.

The designer of the Swan- 48, Younique was inspired by Eric Bijlsma who is the owner of a Hoek-designed yacht Firefly. And the modern design of the swan is influenced by the super yacht Firefly. Along with giving the modern touch to the swan-48, they have also made it much lighter in weight.

The new design includes a lot of changes which makes the yacht an altogether different yacht from what it previously was i.e. a classic yacht. The designer has changed the entrance and has made it more modern. Although they have made the yacht lighter in weight, they have ensured that a few more people can be accommodated in the yacht. Some of the areas of the yacht have been renovated and it is apparent from the interior. Lucky Bird’s new rig contains single stays, which offers more stiffness underneath the chain plates.

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