OUR ARCHIVES : March 2017

Oman brothers Traveled To India For Sailing

Established sportspersons travelling outside countries for international event is a common action, but young sailors travelling to other countries for international event is a set of rare. Reason for this is, lots of finance is required for international travelling and it becomes hard for young sports persons manage it, however, in the case of Oman […]

Cumbrian sailor turns pro yacht master just at 18

Recently, a Cumbrian sailor has become a pro yacht master at the age of 18, scoring him one of the youngest person ever to do that. Dominic Jackson is depicted as a natural sailor by his family members and he is celebrating the accomplishment after finishing a grueling 18 week course on the island of […]

Yachts of the world owned by billionaires

With the several brand of yachts thronging the markets, the demand for these yachts have been increasingly high over the few years. The race of the ownership of the mega yachts is on among some of the greatest billionaires of the world. Russian business magnet, Roman Abramovich, tops the list as he owns the world’s […]

Coast Guard rescue five

The US Coast Guard crew in Jacksonville were preparing for a mock fire drill, when they were notified of an actual fire aboard a yacht which was fifty miles off of Fernandina Beach. The yacht caught fire early in the morning, and the mariner immediately notified the Coast Guard. The yacht, which is called the […]

The Motor Yacht FLAME. Call 800-478-2029 for BVI Yacht Charters on Flame

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Emirates Team New Zealand To Look For A New Base

The yachting team of New Zealand well known as the Emirates Team New Zealand is looking for a new and permanent home to setup their base and they are hoping to do it in the Wynyard Quarter of Auckland. Grant Dalton the boss of the team has described the place as a “tin shed”. The […]

Dick Boon’s Aisling Is On Sale

When we talk of excellence in yachts, Netherlands is the place that comes to our mind. The Netherlands has always, and for very long, been a place where builders of yachts have striven fro excellence. Some of the most reputed brands and craftsmen which include names like Feadship, Heesen and Royal Huisman, have called Holland […]

Yacht Capsizes, Onboard Experience and Man Overboard

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The 23rd Monaco Yacht Show Hits

The country that is the second smallest one in population is Monaco. Still the Principality of Monaco organizes the largest event in the world by the mega yachts show every year during late September. This year was also not an exception and on the 16th of October 2013, the 23rd Yacht Show Monaco was organized […]

Classic yacht: new 43ft 1880s style gentleman’s cutter Integrity

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Luxury Sailing Yacht Song of the Sea – The Most Beautiful Swan

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