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Oman brothers Traveled To India For Sailing

Established sportspersons travelling outside countries for international event is a common action, but young sailors travelling to other countries for international event is a set of rare. Reason for this is, lots of finance is required for international travelling and it becomes hard for young sports persons manage it, however, in the case of Oman […]

The World, world’s largest private residential yacht

Anne McBride-Schreiber feels very happy to be able to watch the world from her front window. And, this is almost like a dream for most people, but for the Palm Beach retiree, this is one way to relish 4 – 8 months a year. McBride-Schreiber, now 68, is among a community of almost hundred-and-fifty international […]

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YachtBuzz – Palma – Miami to Fort Lauderdale, a…

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