The Regatta Of Yacht Club Carolina Wraps Up Perfectly

The Sailors who participated in the Regatta of Yacht Club Carolina beat the Saturday weather and celebrated in it on Sunday at the Yacht Club of Carolina. The regatta avoided the worst of thunderstorms on Saturday to get enjoy the full day of racing, and then on Sunday, they enjoyed almost perfect conditions. In the […]

Velthooven Picking Up Sailing Quickly

The way player Simon van Velthooven is learning the horse power importance or speed and weight over the water; one can make it out that he is well schooled. Or can say, getting into the sailing art. Van Velthooven is the new introduction in the America’s Cup crew of the team New Zealand, he is called as a trailblazer, […]

Young New Zealand Sailors’ Achievements

Two kids have conquered sailing in New Zealand so their next stop is to participate in world sailing events as well. This is with reference to Christopher Raymond and Azhai Smith, both being in their early teens. They were triumphant in the Open Bic National Championships which was an inaugural event, being held for the […]

Oman brothers Traveled To India For Sailing

Established sportspersons travelling outside countries for international event is a common action, but young sailors travelling to other countries for international event is a set of rare. Reason for this is, lots of finance is required for international travelling and it becomes hard for young sports persons manage it, however, in the case of Oman […]

Yachting Event In India

Yachts are being seen on lakes in India as well. This time there were yachts of a different kind. There were many which had artwork on their sails on the Hussain Sagar Lake. There were splatters of colors on the sails of yachts that are otherwise plain. With such colorful artworks the yachts were definitely […]

US On I420 World Championship

This is with reference to the United States International 420 Class Association, whose annual general assembly meeting was held before the Class World Championships in Italy and a bid was made for hosting the 2018 world event. It has been decided that the regatta of World Championship 2018 would be hosted at the Newport in […]

The World, world’s largest private residential yacht

Anne McBride-Schreiber feels very happy to be able to watch the world from her front window. And, this is almost like a dream for most people, but for the Palm Beach retiree, this is one way to relish 4 – 8 months a year. McBride-Schreiber, now 68, is among a community of almost hundred-and-fifty international […]

Crew abandons ship after racing yacht run aground

A yacht has been left grounded on the beach during the horrific storms that claimed the life of a yachtsman from Sydney over the New Year break. The yacht called M3, owned by Peter Hickson, was one of those vessels that fell afoul of the awful sea conditions during Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Harbour […]

Losses estimated at over US$ 3 million following yacht fire at marina

The time when Fort Lauderdale Fireboat 49 went towards a burning yacht at Bahia Mar Yachting Center, the firefighters looked at flames which soared over fifty feet into the night sky. They also saw millions and millions of property being destroyed. Speaking about Wednesday night’s blaze that damaged 2 luxury vessels berthed at 801 Seabreeze […]

Sailing Today: Lagoon 39 on test

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Super Yachts are set to come to Baltimore, reports

Chesapeake is all set to be back on the map for millionaire yacht owners. Well, the state legislature altered a law to do that only. Alex DeMetrick has a whole lot more on what backers hope would be trickle-down economics from yachts. At present, this is the only super yacht in local waters. This is […]