Velthooven Picking Up Sailing Quickly

The way player Simon van Velthooven is learning the horse power importance or speed and weight over the water; one can make it out that he is well schooled. Or can say, getting into the sailing art.

Van Velthooven is the new introduction in the America’s Cup crew of the team New Zealand, he is called as a trailblazer, and he has joined the sailing team of New Zealand taking a switch from the track cycling program of New Zealand.

Just a year ago, the player was striving to earn a place in the Olympic cycling team of New Zealand. And, now he is the part of the Team New Zealand AC50 boat. He has been introduced as a grinder in the team.  His role in the team is to power the boat with the revolutionary cycling crew rather than conventional grinders, who use arms to do the job.

Talking about his role in the event, van Velthooven said “The race is going to be like a normal race, and we believe that new changes will bring fruitful results for the team. Now, the sailors have turned into cyclists and not to forget to say impressive cyclists, and in their own right they are impressive athletes.”

He further added that “while taking split-second decisions the team put lots of strength and power. We believe this will affect the race. The sport is different and its environment is also different, for me it is all relative.”

As far as the interest of van Velthooven in sailing sport is concerned, then for the man who has spent his 10 years in a different sport is challenging to adopt a new sport and start liking it.  But, this is not true with van Velthooven; he has not only quickly adopted the sailing sport but also has started loving it.

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