Super Yachts are set to come to Baltimore, reports

Chesapeake is all set to be back on the map for millionaire yacht owners. Well, the state legislature altered a law to do that only. Alex DeMetrick has a whole lot more on what backers hope would be trickle-down economics from yachts.

At present, this is the only super yacht in local waters. This is visiting Annapolis Yacht Basin, before going towards the Mediterranean. Vessels this grandeur are a very rare sight in Chesapeake, because it takes a state licensed bay pilot to navigate.

Annapolis Yacht Basin Dockmaster Steve Grace aid that years ago when they began to put the pilots on the boats, they began diverting the bay altogether and staying outside the fees they had to pay.

All huge commercial watercraft need a bay pilot to direct their travel. After all, there are few worthful obstacles to deal with, and unseen problems under the water. When Maryland law needed pilots and their US$ 268 per hour fee on all vessels larger those seventy nine feet, visits like these to the Inner Harbor vanished.

Baltimore Marine Centers’ Jessie Bowling told that this is also the inconvenience. Therefore, an owner would come in, they would want to go from the fuel pier back to their slip, and they would require a pilot on hand.
The state legislature has now increased the limit. Steve Grace told that there is enough commercial traffic on the bay to keep the pilots busy enough.

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