Teresa Carey Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness

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25 Responses to “Teresa Carey Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. I am admire your courage and your way of life. Way to go!!!!


  3. You are an inspiration to those of us who decided to take the safer route
    in life, but are deciding now to change all of that.
    I found this video as a result in my search for any education from those
    who have chosen to live aboard a boat, especially a sailboat. I’ve been
    told I’m too old to seek such adventures, but I think this advise from
    those younger than me are acting and thinking old themselves- why should I
    listen to them?
    One of my best friends who was indeed my partner in fishing and boating
    in the 70’s, and whom I haven’t seen in many years became a Captain and now
    near retirement owns and runs a 55 foot Schooner for hire on Lake Michigan.
    He followed his dreams and is as happy as he can possibly be. So, find your
    dream and live it and let no one stop you. Decide if you want to live your
    life for yourself or someone else- because they say so.
    The worst that can happen is you find out you were wrong, but if you had
    never tried, you will have wondered the rest of your life if you indeed
    made the right choices.

  4. 27 foot boat is small for blue water live aboard i wouldn’t want to go any
    smaller for safty hell they make 26 foot day cruisers

  5. Marry me :)

  6. owww..shes so sweet..gud luck

  7. To Theresa Carey: Hey there. I have watched your vids and enjoyed following
    you along on your adventures. Thanks for the inspiration and the advice. I
    am refitting my first sailboat now, an Islander 23 for education and
    frustration purposes. I will be looking for a small blue water cruiser next
    to live on and circumnavigate with. Ignore the moron John Benjamin, he was
    an abused child and racked with jealousy. I hope he finds some peace in his
    life and a book on the proper use of grammar.

  8. Great video and outlook, charming young lady:)

  9. So wise and beautiful.

  10. how is a 27ft ,4 0r 5 berth boat small for 1person.fucking yuppie

  11. So pretty this girl is, but living like that would be difficult, and to
    earn income, hard,
    being a writer, hit or miss without a contract, must be supported by

  12. Send ur address and I will send U some cash. Great Video.

  13. I think it would be totally awesome. I haven’t found a woman that would be
    open to that idea. I’d do it by myself but I’d become a hermit. People love
    their stuff way too much.

  14. Where do you work, how do you pay for everything?

  15. But we are having everything on my 44 cat

  16. I absolutely love seeing your vid clips! I’m inspired and hope to have my
    first sailboat spring 2013. (previously owned a power boat). Keep the vids
    coming and smooth sailing to you!

  17. From writer and sailor, Teresa Carey, we have the video, “Teresa Carey
    Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” in which there is no
    video of “Teresa Carey SAILING!” Way to go, Teresa Carey! What a fine
    example of your writing acumen, and your duplicity!

  18. You rock… Hope that guy stays nice because all of us youtubers are ready
    for the rebouond

  19. Well done girl! God bless you

  20. I have seen you access wind direction ans speed charts on your laptop what
    is the site you do so from?

  21. Happiness Teresa is spending your life with your beloved. There is nothing
    simpler than that.

  22. I think she mentions the debt factor, if worse came to worse she missed a
    payment or defaulted, she could always run the boat out to sea “and hide”
    does one hide out at sea???

  23. Never go sailing with debt

  24. blurred vision

  25. Planing on joining your world sometime soon living on the water you go