Christopher Cross Sailing Live

Video clip Score: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Christopher Cross Sailing Live”

  1. Simply mesmerizing, reminds me of growing up on the Jersey Shore.

  2. this song has receive numerous awards on it’s release,,,,my fave song,,,

  3. Makes me relax in my fantasy world….

  4. Love to listen to him

  5. This song really sucks and is awesome all in the same time

  6. his voice is heavenly

  7. is he  a hottie or what?

  8. I think is my favorite song of all time.

  9. oh yea! Great tune!… I’ve been playing this tune on the radio since 1980!  Never gets old.. 🙂 Good friends with Carl Wilson…good taste in

  10. O baterista esta sentindo um orgasmo !

  11. 当時私は仕事そっちのけで波乗りでなみがくれば仕事を勝手にするやすんでしまいました

  12. Who is that on percussion?

  13. Love this song…. memories of beach time and finding myself in my 20s. Yay.

  14. I would die happily listening to this. XX

  15. Great comment. Yacht rock for sure…

  16. love dis song!


  18. WONDERFUL SONG!!! Makes me go to a peaceful place!!

  19. formidable


  20. MSN Messenger hahaha

  21. that’s Kiki Ebsen

  22. Sempre Ótimo,Christopher inclusive quando fazia músicas com os Alesi Brothers
    Great Christopher ,always awesome!!!!

  23. 1) They dont make songs like this anymore.
    2) Who is that hot red head on the keyboard?

  24. 2:38… heard that? 🙂

  25. This is a magic song!!! Maravilhosa!