Dedicated Alan Honored With Top Sailing Award

Alan Salerman, the dedicated sailing hero from Worcestershire would be receiving one of the most esteemed RYA (Royal Yachting Association) awards from Princess Royal HRH- RYA President. The award would be conferred upon him soon by end of November 2014 as an acknowledgement of his immense contributions to sailing.

Salerman hails from Rubery, Bromsgrove based Arden Sailing Club would be reportedly recognized with the very prestigious Lifetime Commitment RYA Award at the national governing body of sailing’s yearly awards ceremony that would be hosted at London.

The Arden Sailing veteran has been quite an enduring personnel on the sailing scene across West Midlands for more than 4 decades now. However, his most significant legacy is probably the contributions he made in steering his club’s re-establishment near Pershore whilst it was compelled to move out from its earlier site in the year 1997.

Albeit a small one when it comes to club size, yet it was Alan’s zeal and determination that made Arden quite a packed one with sufficient members needed for a fresh beginning.

The sailing veteran discovered the new location & almost single-handedly got the blueprints drawn & planning permission granted. His strong refusal to surrender in times of rejection also led him to gather more than 35,000 pound of funding & the ultimate outcome of his enthusiasm were impeccable facilities where a lion’s share of work was being carried on by the members of the club. Needless to mention, it was Salerman’s passion that inspired the other members of the club as well to buck up with a fighting spirit.

The sailing hero was nominated by his own club for this prestigious award & selected as the winner by the Awards panel of RYA. He would be honored with a certificate, commemorative medallion & a great celebratory lunch as well with HRH Princess Royal present at the ceremony

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