Harvard Sailing Team – Hipster Thanksgiving

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25 Responses to “Harvard Sailing Team – Hipster Thanksgiving”

  1. I know right? All the time my family and I are like “Wildflowah!”

  2. You sound like a hipster

  3. flannel jackets are not hipster they are hunting coats and outdoorsman coats, damn u hipsters!

  4. Sicklusive!!!

  5. I use to wear the same clothes hipsters wear before it became a stupid fashion..gotta go back to punk

  6. Hahah

  7. Hipsters r everywhere…

  8. i quit being a hipster cause hipster are too mainstream.

  9. Put a turkey in your butt, forever and ever I’ll say whats up….this is why our ancestors fought for our independence

  10. Wow I just realized one of my friends was a hipster back in the day before people were calling it that. He was an annoying bastard in many ways.

  11. I don’t see one man there.

  12. Cringeworthy. In the best way though.

  13. 53 seconds …53 seconds was as far I went without laughing. xD

  14. I’m not sure why, but I always burst out laughing when he goes “Wildflower!”


  16. Most awkward Thanksgiving EVER!!!!

  17. a hipster is the lowest form of human… Hitler should have exterminated hipsters instead

  18. F H

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  20. Meanwhile on Instagram…… Hahahaha

  21. oh shit i didn’t even realize loads of people act like this at my uni

  22. apparently saying mainstream IS mainstream. I hate it. But maybe I’m just meta in an anti way, you know?

  23. PRANX!

  24. no

  25. What did you say? i dont speak faggot! thumbs up errbody