Sailing From Hawaii to Alaska – Day 2: Who’s Seasick?

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  1. Drake and Mo got me into it. On a 26 Pearson now,. looking at a Gemini 105m soon

  2. 27 feet LOA

  3. How big is your vessel?

  4. Like the way that bird kept hamming it up trying to get in the camera shot.

  5. You guys make a great team.

  6. What do you mean by calibrate the tiller pilot?

  7. Chuck would like to get back into flying but you can’t cruise full time and fly too. Congratulations on the Catalina. A fine boat.

  8. You guys along with Drake and Mo have inspired me to get back to sailing after 20 years out of the water… Traded sailing for flying but I now have the desire to go back… Just bought a catalina 30 to get back into it while I look for my “ocean” cruiser… Keep the videos coming…Best wishes.. Jeff

  9. Non plastic plates? You guys really live it up on Lealea. All my stuff is plastic.

  10. A little late but I noticed you had 1996-20012 for Bree. Im very sorry to see that. Best wishes to you guys.. I understand you loss. I had a baby for 15 years.

  11. nice video thanks 🙂 merci j’adore.

  12. We are happy you enjoyed it.

  13. I always refer to distance made good. That is what counts, not how many miles we sailed in the wrong direction while tacking.

  14. oops i truly enjoy your video diary. keep them comming. Mahalo

  15. i have been a subscriber for many years and truly enjoy your

  16. That did look really tasty! Laura is such a trooper… feeling sick but still managed to whip up a gourmet looking meal!

  17. Awesome video!! I can’t wait for more.

    Chuck quick question,
    example,,,If you said you did 100 miles one day would that mean you made 100 miles closer to your destination or simply sailed 100 miles?

  18. hello nice video thanks

  19. The food made me hungry!!! Very nice video as always guys. Now! Off to the fridge!

  20. Awesome to watch as always, keep them coming. :)