Yacht Charters in the Caribbean with Motor Yacht Analisa

Movie Rating: four / five

7 Responses to “Yacht Charters in the Caribbean with Motor Yacht Analisa”

  1. Nice video of what it’s like on a yacht!

  2. See you soon, Peter and Ruth 🙂

  3. thanks so much for my amazing yachting experience i cannot wait to come back again and try out all the fun water toys and sample the most gorgeous food i have ever tasted!!!

  4. What a beautiful video !! I had so much fun on analisa, and can’t wait to come back ! anais

  5. Very Professional! Who did this ? Looks like a  lot of fun.

  6. Yes, it makes me want to come back!

  7. Nice little video Peter!!! Charl does a great job! Looks most inviting! I’m off for an island fix myself after Miami Show. Fancy cruising to the DR?. There’s a new resort/marina on the Samana Bay and the humpbacks are there until end of March doing what their name suggests.