Charles Moore: Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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24 Responses to “Charles Moore: Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch”

  1. we can sit here and say that plastic is the problem, when in reality, its people that are the problem. if everybody recycled and did there part, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  2. well said

  3. …Ain’t mankind grand?

  4. A george carlin quote! nice

  5. Plastic form dead things it is now so clear
    How could I fail to understand
    Cities are burning the trees are dying
    My heart awake but still
    pain is killing me
    Pain is killing me…

  6. kill all humans

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  8. Nicely put and a cracking good simile. I am gonna use that one!

  9. Thank you for posting and making me aware. I am deeply shocked! I do recycle but from now on I will not use plastic shopping bags. I will approach my local authority to question how they recycle bottle components and modify my usage if necessary.

  10. Idiotic wildlife. Eating plastic.

    Evolution will weed that out. Evolution is great.

  11. Maybe that’s the only reason we were allowed to evolve. The earth wanted plastic. Didn’t know how to make it.

  12. Very funny lol. Bunch of amateurs

  13. That was interesting

  14. It’s not that people throw these plastics into the ocean. They just find there way there by any number of ways. This video is a sad statement on the general attitude of most all highly industrialized countries. It’s t as if governments could be unaware of this situation. People need to wake up and see what we are doing to this planet and it’s natural resources. It is shocking that any level of sustainability can be taken seriously at the rate we are going.

  15. That last sentence was beautiful.

  16. @mjdrafting I mean yes of course I get that. But I just find it hard to believe people throw THAT much into the ocean 😮 Its crazy lol

  17. Unless you live below a tributary polluted by mining waste.

  18. Let’s stop making crap that breaks before one year.

  19. Dudn’t ur skool teachr tell u.

    It rains, rain flows into rivers, rivers flow into oceans.

    Any garbage you drop on the ground flows with that water into the oceans.

    This is grade 4 geography.

  20. Can someone please tell me how all the plastic ends up in the ocean anyways? Thats what I’m confused about..

  21. obviously enough intelligent people care..but you don’t seem to be intelligent for passing comments like can you not care about our environment???you must be really stupid or do you just like to live on a mountain of rubbish??

  22. Let’s stop buying crap. YOU DON’T NEED A BANANA PEELER. Think of the oil (etc) it takes to produce that JUNK. WARS ARE MADE OF OIL.

  23. check out this girl, she found a solution!!


  24. If I buy bottled water, I make sure it’s in a glass bottle, it not only reminds me to recycle but it’s MUCH better for the environment. Bottle water should be used for emergency situations only IMO.